What is a Reed Relay & Reed Switch?

February 7, 2023
Introduction In this article, we will talk about reed relays and reed switches. We’ll go over their essential components and how they work in order to help you better understand how these devices operate. We’ll also look at some of the applications where these relays are used.   What is a Reed Relay? A Reed…

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Difference between Precision Wirewound and Foil Resistors

February 7, 2023
Introduction Precision wirewound resistors are used in a wide range of applications. They are used as voltage dividers, current sense resistors, timing circuits etc. In high power supplies, precision wirewounds are commonly used for voltage regulation. Foil type resistors have many advantages over the precision wirewound types but there are some applications where their performance…

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Mill-Max New Single and Double Row Omniball® Connectors

May 1, 2022
Mill-Max has released their new Omniball® spring-loaded connectors which are offered in single and double-row configurations. These connectors feature a rolling ball interface which is designed to maximise connections between components that slide or revolve into contact.   The connectors use Omniball® contacts and spring-loaded pins in which the traditional plunger has been replaced by…

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Mill-Max Launches New Double Row Pre-Wired SLC Connectors

March 1, 2022
Introducing Mill-Max’s new double row pre-wired connectors in both spring-loaded and target versions. These products incorporate high quality Mill-Max pins with the convenience of an 8” pig-tail to suit a wide variety of applications.   The new double row connectors, 889-22-0XX-70-501010 (spring-loaded) and 889-10-0XX-70-502010 (target), complements Mill-Max’s existing single row pre-wired products, providing numerous wiring…

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Answers to Common Questions about TMR Magnetic Sensors

August 3, 2021
Due to their low power consumption, high sensitivity, small size and ready availability, RedRock® Magnetic Sensors are popular alternatives to existing Hall Effect Sensors and Reed Switches. Common design questions about RedRock® TMR Magnetic Sensors are addressed by a Coto Technology TMR Application Engineer.   Topics include:   Is a decoupling capacitor required? If so,…

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A 3-to-2 Wire Conversion Circuit for a TMR, Solid State, and Magnetic Sensor

May 1, 2021
Two-wire interfaces are found commonly in proximity sensing functions. Any applications with a door, lid or cover, a proximity sensing function indicates to the system whether the door, lid or cover is open or closed. In many legacy designs, the proximity sensing function is implemented with a reed switch and magnet or an electromechanical switch…

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