Pickering Electronics

Pickering Electronics was formed over 50 years ago to design and manufacture high quality reed relays, intended principally for use in Instrumentation and Test equipment. Today, Pickering’s Single-in-Line (SIL/SIP) range is by far the most developed in the relay industry with devices 25% the size of many competitors. These small SIL/SIP reed relays are sold in high volumes to large ATE and Semiconductor companies throughout the world.


The privately-owned Pickering Group comprises three electronics manufacturers: reed relay company Pickering Electronics; Pickering Interfaces, designers and manufacturers of modular signal switching and simulation products, and Pickering Connect which designs and manufactures cables and connectors.

Surface Mount Reed Relays

Pickering’s Series 200 SMD reed relays switch up to 10 Watts at 200V. Available with dry or mercury wetted reed switches. Include 50 or 75 ohms coaxial RF relays for up to 5GHz.

High Voltage Reed Relays

1kV to 15kV stand-off. 500V to 12.5kV switching high voltage relays. PCB pins, chassis or PCB mounting & flying leads.

High Density Reed Relays

High performance, small in size reed relays. Switch up to 1 Amp whilst taking up to just a quarter of the PCB space compared to industry standard sized reed relays. These miniature relays feature magnetic shielding allowing close stacking, limiting magnetic interaction effects.

Coaxial RF Reed Relay

50 Ohms and 75 Ohms reed relays for radio frequency (RF) and high-speed digital switching. Therefore, appropriate for up to 3GHz.

General Purpose Reed Relays

Pickering’s range of SIL / SIP general instrumentation reed relays available with 3V, 5V, 12V and 24V coils.

Low Coil Current Reed Relays

Pickering’s Series 101 reed relay range can direct drive from 74HC or HCT logic. Most importantly, without the need of additional drivers.

Portable Equipment Reed Relays

Very sensitive reed relays with high coil resistance. Relays useful for applications where conservation of current is required. As a result, these are useful for battery powered equipment.

High Power Reed Relays

Pickering’s Series 114 switch up to 40 Watts, 1 Amp, carrying 2 Amps. Due to this high rating these relays can, in some cases, be used as a substitute to mercury wetted reed relays.

Low Capacitance Reed Relays

SIP relays ideal for wide bandwidth A.T.E. switching matrices, attenuator switching or any other applications. Therefore, ideal where exceptionally low levels of inter-terminal capacitances are necessary.

Low thermal EMF Relays

Reed relays with extremely low levels of thermal EMF, approximately 1 microvolt or less. For this reason, it makes these relays appropriate for data acquisition or thermocouple switching applications.

Legacy / Classic Reed Relays

Older style reed relays that have been manufactured for several years. Pickering is committed to the long-term requirements of our customers.

Custom Designed Reed Relays

Thanks to Pickering’s flexible manufacturing system we offer custom designs to suit your particular requirements. Work with our expert engineers to design unique reed relays.