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With over 50 years of experience, Pickering Electronics specialises in designing and manufacturing high-quality reed relays primarily for Instrumentation and Test equipment applications. Their Single-in-Line (SIL/SIP) range stands out in the industry, boasting devices that are 25% smaller than many competitors. These compact SIL/SIP reed relays are in high demand, serving large ATE and Semiconductor companies worldwide.


The privately-owned Pickering Group is comprised of three esteemed electronics manufacturers. Pickering Electronics specialises in reed relays, while Pickering Interfaces excels in the design and manufacture of modular signal switching and simulation products. Lastly, Pickering Connect specialises in the design and production of cables and connectors.

Singapore Reed Relays

Surface Mount Reed Relays

These Series 200 SMD Reed Relays switch up to 10 Watts at 200V. It is available with dry or mercury-wetted reed switches and includes 50 or 75-ohm coaxial RF relays for up to 5GHz.

Pickering Reed Relays Singapore

High Voltage Reed Relays

The High Voltage Reed Relays can withstand stand-off voltages ranging from 1kV to 15kV and switching voltages from 500V to 12.5kV, with power levels up to 50W. Available in configurations like PCB pins, PCB mounting or chassis, and flying leads, they provide flexible options connections with High Voltage.

Singapore Pickering Reed Relays

High-Density Reed Relays

Achieve efficient switching to a maximum of 1 Amp while taking up only a quarter of the PCB space. The High-Density Reed Relays are designed with magnetic shielding, minimising the effects of magnetic interaction and enabling close stacking.

Pickering Relays

Coaxial RF Reed Relays

The Coaxial RF Reed Relays are available in 50 Ohms and 75 Ohms variants, making them suitable for digital switching applications and radio frequency (RF). With their capability to handle frequencies up to 3GHz, these relays offer optimal performance for a wide range of applications.

Pickering Relays Singapore

General Purpose Reed Relays

This range of SIL/SIP general instrumentation reed relays comes available with 3V, 5V, 12V and 24V coils.

Pickering Relays SG

Low Coil Current Reed Relays

Pickering’s 101 Series reed relays offer the advantage of direct drive compatibility with HCT logic or 74HC. By eliminating the requirement for additional components, this design enables seamless and straightforward integration, simplifying your setup.

Pickering Reed Relays SG

Portable Equipment Reed Relays

These sensitive relays feature resistance to high coils that are ideal for applications that prioritise current conservation. These reed relays prove valuable in battery-powered devices and other scenarios where efficient power usage is essential.

SG Pickering Reed Relays

High Power Reed Relays

Pickering’s 114 Series reed relays offer high-power ratings, capable of switching up to 40 Watts and 1 Amp (carrying 2 Amp). This makes them a suitable alternative to mercury-wetted relays in certain applications.

Sngapore Pickering Relays

Low Capacitance Reed Relays

These SIP relays are designed for use in wide bandwidth applications such as attenuator switching, A.T.E. switching matrices, and other similar applications. These relays excel in situations that require low inter-terminal capacitance levels.

SG Pickering Relays

Low Thermal EMF Relays

These reed relays feature a low thermal EMF level, measuring approximately 1 microvolt or lower. This characteristic makes them suitable for demanding applications such as data acquisition and thermocouple switching.

Reed Relays

Legacy/Classic Reed Relays

These classic reed relays have stood the test of time, having been produced for several years with proven durability and performance. These relays are highly sought after for service replacements, showcasing Pickering’s steadfast commitment to its products and customers.

Reed Relays Singapore

Custom Designed Reed Relays

Benefit from Pickering’s adaptable manufacturing system, which allows us to provide custom-designed solutions to meet your needs. Collaborate with our experienced engineers to create custom reed relays tailored to your application.

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