RFX Limited

Based in Livingston, Scotland, RFX Limited designs and manufactures standard and bespoke high frequency precision OCXO, TCXO, VCXO and PPL designs. RFX’s precision OCXO designs are minute with effective use of power during warm up and operation. RFX Limited also has designs from 1MHz to 2.4GHz and GPS synchronised precision OCXO modules, suitable for portable and laboratory instrumentation.


In February 2010, RFX Limited acquired Laptech Precision Inc. from Canada, providing the company with in house supply and design expertise for the critical quartz components of oscillators. Laptech supplies quartz blanks and proprietary crystal processing equipment to the Frequency Control industry. This acquisition offered RFX Limited with house supply and design experise for the important quartz components of their oscillators.


RFX Limited’s precision oscillators are best suited for applications like GPS Satellite Navigation Systems, Satellite Positioning Systems, Mobile Telephone Base Stations, System Networks including ATM, SDH, STM, Sonet, Wan and Lan Networks and Precision Measuring Equipment.

OCXO Oscillators

RFX Limited provides high precision OCXO units with minimum package sizes, high stability, outstanding phase noise and low ageing, SMD and leaded units, PLL variants, GPS synchronised reference OCXO, standard and custom designs.

TCXO Oscillators

TCXO Oscillators come with miniature low profile SMD units, high precision TCXO, low ageing and jitter, standard and custom designs.

VCXO Oscillators

RFX Limited's VCXO Oscillators incorporates Laptech precision crystals that comes with a frequency range of 1MHz to 1GHz.

PLL Oscillators

RFX Limited offers a frequency range of 1MHz to 2.4GHz PLL Oscillators. Both standard and custom designs are offered.

GPS Reference Oscillators

GPS Reference Oscillators comes with minimum package sizes that has great stability and a frequency of 10.00MHz.

IFT Coil

RFX Limited has IFT Adjustable Coils that are generic R.F coil replacements, suited for standard and custom wound, tuneable shielded or unshielded, and has an inductance range of 1µH ~ 100mill.



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