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As one of the market leaders in the industry, Phoenix Contact manufactures more than 60,000 products tailored to different markets and needs. Its extensive product portfolio includes device and PCB connection technology, industrial components for electrical engineering and electronics, as well as industry-specific automation solutions.

Circular Connectors

Phoenix Contact offers M5 to M58 Circular Connectors. From straight or angled, molded or for on-site assembly the wide-ranging portfolio offers optimum solutions for transmitting signals, data, and power.

PCB Connectors

PCB Connectors from Phoenix Contact have innovative connection technologies that allows for a quick and flexible connection. With connectors ranging from 2.5mm to 15mm pitch, and currents of up to 125 A, you can always find the right solution for your device design.

Power Supply Units

Phoenix Contact’s power supplies include DC/DC converters, redundancy modules and uninterruptible power supplies. These products are tailored to the requirements of a wide range of industries. Customised power supplies are also available, contact us to find out more.

Terminal Blocks

Terminal Blocks range from push-in, screw, spring-cage, fast or bolt connections. These Terminal Blocks with different connection technologies can be freely combined with each other using the same accessories due to the double function shaft.

Circuit Protection Accessories

Circuit Protection Accessories can provide protection for your operating equipment. Phoenix Contact’s device circuit breakers include solenoid valves to servo motors and indicator lights to PLC inputs or industrial PCs. The accessories allow versatile use with various tripping mechanisms and low nominal current levels.

Industrial Communication Products

Industrial communication can be established via copper, fiber optics, or wireless. Choosing the right transmission medium is the essential. Phoenix Contact’s range of Industrial products offers Ethernet, Wireless, Remote communication and Fieldbus communication. Explore the range of products suited for your transmission method.