Patriot Memory

Started since 1985 in San Francisco, Patriot Memory designs, manufactures and markets high performance memory modules, flash memory, mobile accessories and gaming equipment. Patriot is committed in ensuring that every product meets or exceeds their high level of standards. For memory products, high-quality components are used and every product goes through rigorous functional testings to ensure that each module is reliable and compatible. These tests include real world stress tests, drop tests and over charge tests.

Solid State Drives

Compared with electromechanical drives, Solid State Drives have quicker access time and lower latency. This is a perfect solution for consumers and professionals looking to get fast start up times and instantaneous access.

SD and MicroSD Cards

Flash Memory cards are data storage device used for storing digital information. Patriot Memory's Flash Memory cards boasts of its high reliability, high transfer speeds and high capacity solutions.


Dynamic random-access memory (DRAM), a type of random access semiconductor memory, enables faster access to data than storage media such as hard disk drives and solid-state drives. Contact us to find out more.